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It's Time To Acknowledge the Unnoticeable

India has the world's second highest number of internet users adding 10 million active user per month.

With Internet Ever growing and people getting hooked everyday Internet Addiction looks to keep rising.

The Internet and The Indian Youth

On average, each person has 5.54 social media accounts.

Facebook is projected to reach close to 319 million users in in India by 2021.

There were about 195 million Facebook users in India as 2016, placing India as the country with the largest Facebook user base in the world.

Almost 40% of girls who spend more than five hours a day on social media show symptoms of depression

70% of Indians spend Mobile Internet Time on Social Media and Entertainment

Unwanted Pregnancies Among Teenagers are on the Rise

What is Internet Addiction?

Internet Addiction is a mental condition characterized by excessive uncontrolled use of internet for gaming, gambling, entertainment, pornography or other online activities to the extent that a person stops carrying out his or her routine activities to a point where relations, work, academic and health are allowed to suffer.

Who its Effecting Most?

A major chunk of internet users are school and university students. Unaware of the cause and effect relationship on Mind Body and Health

Internet Addiction leads to 20% surface area of brain shrinkage which is similar to what happens to Alcohol Addict

Researchers at Chicago University concluded that social media addiction can be stronger than addiction to cigarettes and booze

Social media addicts are 1.6 times more vulnerable to psychological changes compared with non-addicts.

The Indian Youth battling anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), loneliness, and a host of psychological problems. Immoderate use of internet can ruin one’s mental and physical health.

Insidious activities like increasing exposure to cyber-bullying; unknown persons accessing personal information; online dating; sleep deprivation; exposure to unsuitable digital content; inducements that require money transfer; low social interactions; and limited face-to-face communication, are isolating individuals from a wholesome social environment.

Students feel guilty if we don’t reply to text messages immediately; Some of the emotional symptoms of the Internet Addiction Disorder include depression, dishonesty, feelings of guilt, anxiety, feelings of euphoria when using the computer, inability to prioritize or keep schedules, isolation, no sense of time, defensiveness, lethargy, agitation, mood swings, fear, loneliness, boredom with routine tasks, poor nutrition, procrastination, self-loathing, et al

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or digital eye strain is caused by constantly staring at screens. It can lead to blurred vision; headaches/migraines; sore neck; dry eyes; sensitivity to light.

Social networking, with the ability to effectively erase boundaries, has impacted privacy - sharing too much, false, or unnecessary information. This tends to influence youth’s social, emotional and psychological well-being.

Similarly, Online Entertainment Addiction, Online Gambling Addiction, Cybersex Addiction, Cyber Relationship Addiction, Video Game Addiction, Internet Compulsive Buying, and Phone Addiction are harming students’ growth and rational thinking. These addictions can distort a person’s thinking processes, exposing him/her to insidious actions. for the people with low self-esteem and warped self-image, the effects can be devastating. Internet Addiction Disorder is twisting the knife.

Bringing a New Perspective

to a Digital World

Digital Detox India a New Move, New Breeze and New Recipe to squeeze the Isolation, Depression and Anxiety – resulting from the Internet, technological and digital device addiction.

We believe, life’s meaning and happiness is beyond Compulsive checking to social media, emails, gaming and so on.
Digital Detox India aims to connect you with much-needed self-discipline, mindfulness, meaningful time and social interactions in person than through a screen.

The Rise of a New Movement in India

We aim at spreading awareness about digital addiction and how it mars one's mental health and also support students to recover who are going through such a trauma.

Every students need to know that life is full of possibilities, and we re-introduce these possibilities to those students who have forgotten that there is something for everyone in this world.

Digital Detox India is a youth-led project for the young, by the young that incorporates telling seminars, inspirational talks, webinars, and fun-filled activities in schools and colleges to nourish and replenish young minds.

At Digital Detox India, we work toward injecting digital consciousness in youngsters without promoting rejection of technology.

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