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India moving forward at full tilt having the youngest population in the world has also become the most depressed country in world our sources of entertainment, our instruments, and our diets are now part of a digital pool. We are sitting at the edge of this pool, trying to catch something new every day with the fishing rod called technology.

Facts how Indian Youth takes Internet

The Internet and The Indian Youth

" 70% of Indians spend Mobile Internet Time on Social Media and Entertainment"

"India Becomes 3rd Most Porn watching Country in the world"

"Rise in Mental Health Disorder in Nation"

"Indian Kids are the most Cyber bullied in the world"

"One Student commits Suicide every hour in India due to anxiety and Depression"

"India Among Top 5 markets for mobile gaming"

   India Rises to Become Most Depressed country in the world - WHO   

Complications and Consequences


Youngsters are not only enjoying what's been fed to them, they are developing a certain fondness for online activities. This fondness is transforming into addiction forgetting that this is a cause-effect relationship; we were afflicted by anxiety, depression, fears, addictions, nearsightedness, inhibitions, disorders, and behavioral problems.

Internet addiction among school and university students is increasing at an alarming rate. Internet addiction’s association with psychological distress can impact students’ educational progress, academic competence, and long-term career goals.

Bringing a New Perspective

to a Digital World

Digital Detox India a New Move, New Breeze and New Recipe to squeeze the Isolation, Depression and Anxiety – resulting from the Internet, technological and digital device addiction.

What Is Digital Detox India ?

Digital Detox India On a Mission to take students and youngsters on a fulfilling journey to wellness and Digital transformation for healthier happier life. We want to make youth understand the addictive nature of technology, harmful distractions, bad habits, and destructive environments that stem from immoderate and mindless use of the Internet.

Digital Detox India Support every student living with Depression, Anxiety, and Online Addiction to recovery themselves Mental Illness that they are going thru. We Promote and Encourage health tech relationship among students to find greater meaning in things they do. We Encourage Student Entrepreneurship so that they discover all possibilities available to them for a limitless life.

We are a Rise of a New Movement in India whose objective is to help 600 million young people in India, and educating them about Growing Internet Problems and its effects on Mind Body and Health.

We, at Digital Detox India, will introduce them to simple yet effective stress limiting strategies.

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